Sangreli Print Cushion Covers: The Best Match for your Sofa

The perfect compliment for your sofa is cushions. So a beautiful cushion cover is always needed for carving the beauty of your couch. The most preferred fabric for cushion is cotton and that too in Rajasthani patch. These Rajasthani design cotton cushion covers could be easily spotted in every part of the country. Doesn’t matters whether you are sitting in five star or an Indian house these cotton cushion covers would be best complementing the couch and sofas out there.

Rajasthan is known for its diversity in handicrafts, a simple design is elaborated in many unique ways here. This is the beauty of the handicrafts heritage of the state. So many skilled labors are carrying forward this unique culture from one generation to another. This is the main reason why the local art of the area has become a world handicraft. The Rajasthani patch work is that much admired in the world as it is displaced in many international trade fairs as well.


One may find a variety of Rajasthani patch works in cushion covers. But the Sangreli patch work is unique of its kind. The patch work includes Gold and hand block work. Gold work is print specified whereas hand block totally depends on thread work. The basic colors used in Sangreli hand block is green and red. The work depicts there cultural heritage pictures, preserved in the form of these beautiful cushions. The base to the hand block Sangreli work cushions is white, where as gold work is available in multicolor.

These beautifully designed Sangreli print cushion are the perfect match for your elegant sofa. Teaming it up with your deewan set is also a good idea. Putting these Sangreli print cushions on your bed will enhance the beauty of your bed sheet much. The durability is something which you will surely get if you go for these beautiful and alluring Cushion covers. A long lasting fabric is assured if you buy it from one of the renowned brand for handicrafts that is Quality is something which is much assured in every purchase from Elite Handicrafts.

You can now shop for these beautiful Sangreli print cushion covers at A large variety of the same in different shapes and sizes are available at online shopping in India. Unmatched quality and unbeatable price is something that is assured in every shopping at


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