Best Ideas for Serving Guests

Dinner parties are the best way to have your friends, relatives or colleagues over to your home. We hardly get time in this busy world and hectic schedule and on that organizing or throwing a dinner party is a great idea for spending time together with your friends and relatives. If you have planned and dinner party at your home and you want to serve your guests in a best way then you must have to follow these steps:

Prepare a Menu: whenever you are inviting your friends you must know what to make for them considering their likes and dislikes. First you have to prepare a menu list that what you will gonna serve to your guest and then only you can decide the different or unique style to serve them. You can make two different menus for non-vegetarian and vegetarian friends. Make sure to account for appetizers, entrees, side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

ceramic bowlsServe Buffet Style: on a party the house is full of guests and with the table can be feel overcrowded with the foods and serving dishes. You can serve buffet style and this will alleviate any overcrowded feel at the table and the guest could also enjoy the meals as per their likes and quantity of course.

Offer Lots of Options: you must serve your guests lots of options from appetizers to main meal, salads, dryfruits and drinks. So, that they can have the best meal ever and must feel honored and thankful for what they have at your home.

Don’t Plate Appetizers: don’t serve the appetizers on plates rather than use a ray to serve the starters as this will save you from having to do extra dishes. Make sure to supply toothpicks and napkins nearby.

Cocktails and Mocktail: you can server cocktail or Mocktail as per the preferences like for ladies you must have soft drinks and cold drinks and for men you can serve beer, wine or champagne.

Serving dishes: whenever you are throwing parties make sure to serve the guests in the best kitchenware. Whatever you will do and cook for them will be useless and ineffective if you will not serve them in best serving dishes.

There are many brilliant ways to serve your guests but all are useless unless you served in a stylish and elegant serving dishes. There are many dish you cooks for your guests and that must be served well you can use ceramic bowls for serving curry, Chutney, Dryfruits, Desserts, sweets and vegetables in this. A designer and stylish ceramic bowl can help you to make a lasting impression on your guests mind and will always remember such a great and warm welcome from your side.

If you are going to throw such party at your home and want to have those sophisticated ceramic bowls in your kitchenware then you must buy ceramic bowls online as there you will get thousands of designs of ceramic Bowls that are perfect to serve fruits, dryfruits, salad, chutney, vegetable, desserts and much more . Make your kitchenware look more modish and elegant and serve your guests in the best way with designer ceramic bowls.


Buy Silver Plated Pure Bass Pooja Thali Online

In Hindu Dharma there are many festivals we worship god in fact we worship god on a daily basis in various times especially at dawn and dusk. Hindu visits temple for worshiping god but prominently Hindus consider their home as the best place to perform basic religious rites and rituals. In most houses woman of the house wakes up early clean the house and then make a rangoli on the floor at the entrance gate and then worships god with the proper ritual and this ritual involves the complete detailed Pooja and involving lighting the Diya (earthen lamp), essence sticks, performing Aarti, offering foods in front of the deity’s idols or photo and then reciting the Bhajan. Doing all this ritual one thing is the most important to perform the ritual is the “Pooja Thali”.

silver plated brass pooja thaliIn every festival and even daily Hindus worship their gods and goddess at various times of the, especially in dawn and dusk. A Pooja Vidhi or ritual is done with Pooja Thali as it is used for worshipping god and for offering foods for god. This Pooja Thali is very much essential for worshiping god. People uses different materials of Pooja Thali like silver, gold, brass and bronze etc. but brass is considered as the most pious metal and is very common for worshiping god. Even you can see that gods and goddess idols are even of brass material.

We have plenty of decorative items and utensils in hour house and kitchen in silver and gold so, why not to add that glory in our Temple of our house. If you want to add the shine and glitter of silver in your Pooja essential then you can buy silver plated pooja thali online. There are many varieties of Pooja Thali that you can get online some are decorated with colorful designs and sequins that gives it a unique and mesmerizing look and comes with the essentials like essence stick holder, Diya or lamp, puja bell, Kalash spoon, Tilak plate etc. you can get all these in a beautiful set online so that your offerings will be complete and successful. Make the pious occasion special by worshiping god with this silver plated Pooja Thali, in fact you can even send this to your loved ones as a gift on special occasions or festivals like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Navratra etc.  It is ideal for gifting purpose too so make the special festivals even more special by gifting your near and dear ones silver plated brass Pooja Thali. If you thinking about rakhi gifts for upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival then this would be a great gifting idea.

Bring the Shine of Gold in Your Kitchenware with Gold Plated Brass Bowls

Every woman of the house wants the best thing to décor her house and when it comes to the kitchenware they don’t get much varieties of it. Usually people are limited to ceramic ware tea cups and saucers set and fiber crockery in their kitchen but this is the time to add the shine of gold into your kitchen. The glitter of gold attracts everyone and this metal is one of the most expensive metals and is being used for making jewelries and now you can also add this into your kitchenware and make an impression on your guests.

gold plated bowlsEveryone likes the royal treatment; you can make your guests feel the same by serving them in a Gold Plated Brass Bowls. There are plenty of designs and patters of these bowls which you will get easily at online shopping sites and that too in affordable prices. Everything you use or wears that shows your personality and standard of living and if you are welcoming someone in your house then it’s very much important that how you are serving them. You must leave a lasting impression on your guests as we know that first impression is the last impression and when you serve them in a gold plated brass bowls then nothing can be compared to this extraordinary welcome and they will remember you always for such a royal treatment.

The gold plated bowls are not only for serving the royal treatments to your guests but also bring a royalty in your standard of living and help to showcasing your status in front of everyone. You might have seen in movies and old days that gold plated utensils were used by the royalty persons and suddenly your reaction was so beautiful then why not to add that shine and luster in your kitchenware. Buy gold plated ceramic bowls online and bring the royalty in your kitchenware and showcase your royalty style in front of everyone with a complete gold plated brass bowl set with tray and spoon ( If you desire something highly appreciable and unique in your kitchen from your side then Gold Plated Brass Bowls is all what you need. Even this is ideal for gifting purpose also if your brother, sister, mother, father, friends or any other is having their special day like birthday, anniversary, wedding, farewell, mother’s day, father’s day gift, friendship day etc. then you can give them gold plated brass bowls online.

Bring More Refreshment to Your Tea Time with Designer Ceramic Tea Cups

As the clock shows “5” the aroma of tea can be felt everywhere, when the sun sets it’s the best time for tea or probably known as the ‘Tea Time’. People come back from their offices or work in tired condition and at the time aroma and taste of the tea refreshes them and the get rid from their tiredness. Sipping tea is just the way to refresh your mind which makes you energetic. Well you can say that it’s a nice excuse for having some quality time with your partner, friends or relatives etc. Make the special tea time with special tea cups. It’s proven that a beautiful thing has the catchy power, it can attract anybody and even feels better to have a sip of tea in a colorful and beautiful ceramic tea cups.

Tea cups are the essentials for every kitchen décor and when it comes to tea cups and saucers ceramics are the first choice for everyone. When a guest comes to your house the first thing you serve them is ‘tea’ and a stylish designer cups helps you to make a good impression among them. There are varieties of ceramic cups online, better design and stylish look with beautiful and different colors all are easily available online in best and affordable prices. The cups comes in many designs and even in different shapes and sizes like Floral printed cups, kulhar ceramic cups with mirror finish and marble finish looks.

We always accept new trends new styles whatever comes in fashion especially in kitchenware as the home looks stylish and modern with its household item and kitchenware. When the beauty of these ceramic cups spread its beauty to your tea table and evening time you will definitely gonna have a refreshing evening time. The designs and the different colors of these cups give an extra ordinary look to your kitchen décor, not just to add them into your kitchenware you can also gift them to your loved ones so that they could also have the taste of a good tea in good tea cups. And it would be an adorable gift item for your near and dear ones.