Silver Gifts for Mom in India

6360954654211237701095433699_momMom is the word that expresses sea of emotions. She is the one who cares the most and our best friend. She teaches us how to stand, walk and everything that needs to survive in this world. Words will fall short to explain the role of her in our life. You should never miss a chance to express your feelings and love for your mother. Festivals and special occasions is the best chances for us to express gratitude to our mom for all the things she had done or compromised for us. So, if you too want to say your mom how much you love her then express your love with special silver gifts.

Yes! Giving gifts is the best way to convey inner most feelings for someone so whether its your mom’s birthday or any other special occasion send silver gifts to India for your beloved mom to let her know that she means the entire world to you. Gold and silver are considered as assets and is auspicious and pure. So, you should opt for silver gifts for your mother that will be a precious gift for her. Here are the top silver gifts that you can opt for:

Silver Idols
Usually moms spend their whole time in devotion of god when there is no one to accompany them. Idols and figurines of Deities always have a special position in the altar kept in our homes. And if the idols are of silver metal then it becomes even more special. So, if you thought to present your mother silver idols then you can buy silver plated Ganesha idol, krishna idol, Laxmi or Maa durga idol that you can easily get from online gift portals. This can be one of the best gifts you can send to your mother in India staying miles away.

Silver Plated Pooja Thali
Not only in auspicious occasions and festivals but for worshiping daily we require pooja thali. This contains all the Pooja essentials and offerings that we use to worship god. Silver thali consider more auspicious and pure. Hence you should buy silver pooja thali for your mother which she can decorate by herself the way she want with the pooja essentials, etc.

Silver Plated Kitchenware
Not only the spiritual items but a woman loves everything that are essential for her home whether its a decorative item or any other. So, you can also buy kitchenware online for your mom and that too silver plated. She will not only love it as a gift but this will help her to make a good impression in front of her guests whenever she will serve food in them. You will get plethora of silver plated kitchenware like silver plated bowls, tea cups set, tumblers, plates and dishes and much more.

Your mother needs your time and support and when you cannot be physically presented there then your gift acts the same. Your mother can feel your presence and also the love and affection from you for her. So, buy gifts for mother online and make your mother feel special on special occasions.


4 Fantastic Ways to ‘Thank’ Someone

Before it’s too late, never ever hesitate to thank someone who played an important and special role in your life.  Life is full of ups and downs and there are many people who stay with us in even in our worst situations.  So, thanks to those whom you never wanna loose.  ‘Thank you’, these are not just the two simple words to please someone, but it’s the innermost feelings for someone that describes ‘what your presence means to me and I am incomplete without you.  If you have someone special in your life or anyone whom you wanna say ‘Thank You’ then you should not simply say it, in fact, you should show your gratitude.

There are different ways of saying thank you but beautifully presenting something is always the best way to speak your innermost feelings.  If you want to show your gratitude for someone then you should do in a different way.  Here are 4 best ways to say thank you to someone which you must follow:

Write It

Everyone is heading towards online shopping sites and get addicted to it so badly, that the pen and paper are quickly becoming a lost art form.  Nothing can be so much important and special than handmade things.  You can write you own words and feelings for the person whom you wanna thank you.  Either you can buy a card and write something on it or a handmade greeting card with your feelings written on it will be the best for the receiver.

Film It

From the various options to say thank you, you can opt for making a video for the donor in respect to show your gratitude to him/her.  You can make a video of saying thank you and all the special things that they did in your life.  You can also make an audio visual of the pictures that you have and upload it on social networking sites.

Snap It

Photos are an effective way to showcase your hard work and feelings for the donor.  You can click pictures right from the day when you want to thank the person and can capture all the precious moments to show them later.  You can directly send it to the person whom you wanna thank or you can also make a collage of these pics and upload it on Facebook or Tweeter with the best message.  This will be surely the best surprise for that person.

Gift It

Well, there are vast options to buy thank you gifts online like you can opt for personalized t-shirts, coffee mugs, greeting cards, flowers and cakes and much more.  A gift is the best conveyor that speaks your innermost feelings.  So, by presenting alluring gifts to your loved ones you can show your gratitude and respect for them.

There are different ways to say ‘Thank You’ but these are the best ways to convey your message.  When you take some or all of these things into action don’t forget to meet the person and say “thank you” to make him/her feel special.

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Four Things You Must Do On Mother’s Day

One of the most precious gifts of god that every one is blessed with is ‘Mother’. She is the shadow of the supreme power that always stays with her child. No matter whether her child is an infant or a complete grown up man, for mother her child will always be a baby. Whether in pain or happiness the first word that a person utters is mother. She may be called with several names like someone calls her Mother, Mom, Mommy, Momma, Mummy, Maa, Mamma or Mum but the shadow behind every picture is always the same and it is the figure of a caring goddess of love and affection that every child is blessed with.

She is in a twenty four into seven, job for her child and that for 365 days in a year. With not a single minute brake she continuously works for the welfare of her child. From being a mother, nurse, teacher, cook, mentor and best friends all these roles are played perfectly by a single lady and she is mother. For all the dedication and love that a mother showers to her child there is a special moment to cheer for everything she does and that special day is ‘Mother’s Day’. Mother’s Day is a special celebration to pay homage to motherhood. So on this special day there are set of four responsibilities that you must perform from your side for your dear mom.

Wish Her with Love: This is a special day dedicated for mom, so she must be conveyed wishes with love. For all the efforts that she makes to keep you happy and blessed round the clock in 364 days, it is the final one day to payback for her love and affection. So wherever you are whether with mom or far away, don’t miss this cute opportunity to wish mom, ‘happy mother’s day’.

Let Her Realize Her Importance: For every mother her child is important and this she shows with her utter care and dedication for her child. But for a child mother is the most important thing in the world and this he needs to let mother realize the same. So this Mother’s Day let her realize how important she is and what is the position that she holds in your life.

Do Something Special for Her: Mother’s works for a no wages job for her child. Therefore she must be cherished for her non selfishness love, work and affection. For everything that she does to you it is really impossible to pay for it. But you can do few special things that could make the moment special for you. You can cook food for her, take her out for shopping, arrange a get together for her, go for movies,

A Special Mother’s Day Gift Can Make a Difference: Every special occasion is justified with gifts and goodies and so as with Mother’s Day as well. Bliss your mom with a perfect gift for her to salute the motherhood in your life. If you are not with her, still you have a chance to express your love and feelings for her. Send Mother’s Day Gifts Online to India from Elite Handicrafts and nurture the special bondage with your momma.

Mother’s Day is a special moment to be cheered with mom with a pleasant surprise for her. Only gifting cannot make the day special for her, you need to do some special things for her like taking her out for lunch, going for shopping, watching movies together, planning for a get-together are the things that could accolade Mother’s Day surprise much.

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