Silver Gifts for Mom in India

6360954654211237701095433699_momMom is the word that expresses sea of emotions. She is the one who cares the most and our best friend. She teaches us how to stand, walk and everything that needs to survive in this world. Words will fall short to explain the role of her in our life. You should never miss a chance to express your feelings and love for your mother. Festivals and special occasions is the best chances for us to express gratitude to our mom for all the things she had done or compromised for us. So, if you too want to say your mom how much you love her then express your love with special silver gifts.

Yes! Giving gifts is the best way to convey inner most feelings for someone so whether its your mom’s birthday or any other special occasion send silver gifts to India for your beloved mom to let her know that she means the entire world to you. Gold and silver are considered as assets and is auspicious and pure. So, you should opt for silver gifts for your mother that will be a precious gift for her. Here are the top silver gifts that you can opt for:

Silver Idols
Usually moms spend their whole time in devotion of god when there is no one to accompany them. Idols and figurines of Deities always have a special position in the altar kept in our homes. And if the idols are of silver metal then it becomes even more special. So, if you thought to present your mother silver idols then you can buy silver plated Ganesha idol, krishna idol, Laxmi or Maa durga idol that you can easily get from online gift portals. This can be one of the best gifts you can send to your mother in India staying miles away.

Silver Plated Pooja Thali
Not only in auspicious occasions and festivals but for worshiping daily we require pooja thali. This contains all the Pooja essentials and offerings that we use to worship god. Silver thali consider more auspicious and pure. Hence you should buy silver pooja thali for your mother which she can decorate by herself the way she want with the pooja essentials, etc.

Silver Plated Kitchenware
Not only the spiritual items but a woman loves everything that are essential for her home whether its a decorative item or any other. So, you can also buy kitchenware online for your mom and that too silver plated. She will not only love it as a gift but this will help her to make a good impression in front of her guests whenever she will serve food in them. You will get plethora of silver plated kitchenware like silver plated bowls, tea cups set, tumblers, plates and dishes and much more.

Your mother needs your time and support and when you cannot be physically presented there then your gift acts the same. Your mother can feel your presence and also the love and affection from you for her. So, buy gifts for mother online and make your mother feel special on special occasions.


Diwali Online Shopping

Diwali is a Hindu festival. Diwali means rows of lighted lamps. It is celebrated in the month of Kartika which usually falls in October or November months. The celebration day is the year’s darkest night yet the brightest night because of the lights and lamps decorated in everyone’s house. Though we have many occasions to celebrate gifts but Diwali is considered as the prominent day to exchange gifts. It is the celebration of five long days Dhanteras, choti Diwali, Diwali, Gudi Padwa, and Bhaiya Dooj. So, in each and every day people use to give gifts to their near and dear ones.

As it is the five day long celebrations, need a lot of essential products to celebrate it. It is called the “festival of lights” so it refers the decoration of house. A person decorates his houses by painting the walls, decorate the entrance or welcome gate with rangoli, lights and lamps and do the interior with all the luxurious things. All these products can get in market all roads are jammed with the essentials but it is very difficult to roam the whole market in search of your product according to your needs. But you can make it convenient by using your mobile or laptop. You can use the online sites for Diwali shopping where you can buy anything and send them anywhere as a gift or for personal use also. If you wouldn’t like anything you can easily return the product as it is not possible with offline shopping because shopkeepers will exchange the product with another instead of returning it.

Diwali is also known as the occasion of presenting gifts to your loved ones. We have to visit many places for choosing adequate gifts for our family members and friends for which we need lot of time and energy too. It’s not possible to go everywhere for finding the best one for our loved ones so we select among those whatever the choices has been given to us. This makes us really upset but now online shopping website has done a great job regarding this. These sites give us an opportunity to choose whatever we need/want and for this we don’t have to go anywhere. We can shop anything from these sites sitting at our place and retailers make the delivery at our comfort zone. Earlier days we use to visit a shop and choose a particular thing which they were having or else we have to visit another one which includes more time, energy and traveling expenses also. You can solve all these troubles at one place and that is online shopping sites, just sit at your place with your laptops or mobiles to choose anything from anywhere and the retailer will deliver it at your door step.

Many person present gifts to their colleagues, friends, workers, family etc. on each day of     five-day long celebration of Diwali. As Dhanteras gift you can present the idol of Laxmi Ganesha, ornaments, silver or brassware utensils, etc. on choti Diwali gifts – sweets, dry fruits, chocolates etc; as Diwali gifts you can gift any Jewellery, electronic gadgets like mobile, tablets, laptop, wrist watches etc. Bhaiya Dooj is a festival in which sister do worshiping to God for their brothers so you can give gifts either to your sisters and your brother too, many use to give gifts on this day such as dress, makeup kit, chocolates, designer wrist watches etc. All these gifts you can easily get on any online sites as per your designs, colors and models at very convenience cost.

Giving gifts to your relatives makes the celebration at its best, as they will happy to accept such a precious gifts from your side. Gifts are the most adorable things in one’s life. Everybody suppose and expecting gifts from their loved ones. People show their feelings, love, respect and good wishes through gifts. Besides giving gift to your loved ones we have to take a look on our budget also, you just cannot ignore this major aspect as you will have to pay from your pockets. Everybody wants a thing in a low cost with high quality and when a thing comes fit to your pocket you just love that product to pick up as soon as possible. Online shopping sites have introduced new brands and the old brands product at genuine and affordable prices which you can easily afford. So, this Diwali make it a grant celebration by giving gifts to your loved ones and near ones according to your choice your price and at your place without spending any traveling expenses, time and energy.

The main hit of buying product in Diwali is idol of Laxmi Ganesha, Laxmi Ganesha silver or gold coins for wish them good luck as goddess Laxmi will bless them with good luck and prosperity for the year ahead. Receiver considers the gifts as a token of love from the presenter. You can purchase online diwali gifts very easily. Bring home happiness this Diwali by collecting all the essentials gifts and many more with all the comforts at your door step with online shopping sites.

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Basic Rules for Online Diwali Shopping

Shopping means purchasing of goods in exchange of money. Shopping includes purchasing of all the basic or necessity goods in our day-to-day life. Many of us do shopping for adding luxury in our lives, while for some people shopping is just an entertainment. People utilize their leisure time by doing shopping as shopping needs a lot of time to select the “Best” product according to their choice from the “good ones.” Earlier people use to do shopping when only we needed but now-a-days shopping definition and meaning has been changed as an entertainment /time pass work. When people finds their time not passing by doing any work or they have some free time then they visits market place to do shopping.

Whether it is a matter to decorate your houses on Diwali or to present some beautiful gifts to your close ones or to dress yourselves with the best collection all you need to do is shopping. People do shopping for their needs and occasion also. When festival comes everybody does shopping for their home’s decors and for themselves. There are so many festivals in which we have to do a lot of shopping and “Diwali” is one of the main parts. Diwali is the most awaited festival among people in which they shop for so many essentials for the day. People adorn their houses with decorative accessories; paint the walls with new colors. They also visit the nearest approachable market to buy the main essentials of the festival and the gifts they are supposed to present their friends and relatives on Diwali.

Diwali is a festival of lights as we light the candles and diyas/lamps to brighter the year’s darkest night. Hindu beliefs that Laxmi will bless your home with wealth as much your home will decorate. That’s why everybody cleans their houses and makes them beautiful by decorating it with flowers, lights, lamp/diyas etc. they welcome Goddess Laxmi by worshiping her to give them a good luck for the year ahead. They bring lord Ganesha and Laxmi idols for worshiping and for decorating homes they need decorative items for which they obviously need to do shopping. On the occasion of Diwali the market is full packed with Diwali products like candles, diyas, firecrackers, color paint, lighting equipment, lamp, Laxmi Ganesh idols, Jewelries, utensils etc. for the special occasion of Dhanteras and Diwali. Diwali shopping continues for many days, people shops on the day of Dhanteras two days before Diwali. It’s a custom to buy gold or any metals for your homes which helps you to expand your business or property and to bring prosperity at home.

Roads are fully jammed with the shops and stall, the whole market and even footpaths are also being used by the hawkers and shopkeepers. This market lasts for almost a week. Diwali is the festival of five days; Dhanteras comes before two days of Diwali, choti Diwali after that Diwali and Bhaiya Dooj the day after choti Diwali so it involves a huge shopping for which a large number of shops being made for the products are used in Diwali or the gift items. A huge crowd can be seen in such market places mainly it’s not very safe to visit such a place full of crowds so, any retailers has given an opportunity to buyers to purchase anything online from anywhere anytime. This online shopping has really changed the meaning and even comforts of shopping. People prefer online shopping more than visiting a shop to save their time and energy.

In modern days people transformed their shopping style to online shopping. Usually they do online shopping where you can get everything. Daily needs to festival products, fashion to home decors, cooking anything everything at your comfort zone. You can do online shopping where you sit at your home in front of your laptop or computer and select any product as per your choice and the retailer will deliver your  product at your place this really helps to save your time energy and the cost of traveling. So, this Diwali go online for picking up anything from anywhere. Buy diwali gifts online, diwali decoration online, Dhanteras gifts online, choti diwali gifts online. You can also send Dhanteras gifts online to India, send diwali gifts online to India, send diwali sweet hampers online. Not only this the best part of online shopping is you get diwali gift ideas online, Dhanteras gift ideas online, and diwali gift idea for best friend online.

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Deepavali Celebration Across the Globe

Diwali is a national festival of India and it is because whole nation enjoys the merriment of the fete. Every Indian comes together to enjoy the day that signifies the triumph of truth. Diwali also referred as the festival of lights is significant in every part of the nation due to the message of convergence. It’s the family time and a moment of reunion when every one visits the dear ones to present Diwali gifts and convey warm wishes for the festival. Indians away from home also don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the day. Due to this reason only the festival of Diwali won a global recognition. It is the significance of the day only that the present president of the United States of America celebrated this festival of lights in White House.

Diwali festival is so much popular across the globe that many foreigner visitors arrive at India just as to have the glimpse of the illuminated country. They are overwhelmed with joy to see everyone getting together to enjoy the day. Lights, sweets and gifts they all fascinate not only the residents but also those who witness the event. It is the prime event for Indians hence wherever they reside around the world Diwali brings equal joy and prosperity to them. There are many things that make Diwali a very popular fete in India and around the world. The day is a mark of victory of truth. Diwali festival enables one to find the inner light and illuminate the darkness within. The fest tells to be together and share happiness and prosperity with all and this makes gifting a popular culture on Diwali.

With many positive lessons and lots of happy obligations Diwali is above all celebrations not only in India but everywhere around the world. After Christmas Diwali is the second most celebrated festival. There are many reasons that made this event popular; the social message that is being spread by the day is the most prominent reasons and a great sign behind the recognition of the day throughout the world.

Silk Sarees – The Perfect Match for Every Function

Saree is associated with grace and is also regarded as a symbol of Indian culture. There are various types and designs of sarees available for the Ladies in the market, but most unique among them is the silk sarees. Silk is considered as the queen of textiles so as Silk Sari is considered best among the all varieties of sarees.

A silk sari is an excellent craftsmanship of weavers. Its manufacturing requires an enormous amount of labor and skills. The sarees made of silk is valued for its texture and purity as due to its availability of natural shades. In India there are different varieties of silks found which provides diversity to silk sarees and make them unique among all other types of sarees. Silk fabrics are very much comfortable which helps in a congenial feel to its sarees.

Silk Sarees are mostly worn occasionally as it’s a delicate fabric and need lot of care. It needs special care during cleaning as the fabric is so light and thin. But it’s not as hard to clean just because it has a natural tendency to release dirt quickly.

Silk Sarees are all weather wearing cloth as silk fabric has good insulation properties which help them in keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. Another specialty of silk is its color contrast; silk shades are natural so it gives living feel to sarees. A woman wearing a silk sari will always look different it’s also a specialty. Silk sarees are also associated with the wedding fashion as these sarees perfectly fit in the party wearing dress.

Silk is cultivated in many parts in India which helps in giving diversity to its types. Indian Silk industry is the oldest industries in India. The most remarkable silk sarees is found in Varanasi (Banarasi silk saree) and south India (Kanjivaram), Kornad Sarees, Mysore silk Sarees, Pochampally Silk Sarees, Chanderi Sarees, Paithani Sarees, Patola Sarees, Baluchari Sarees, Bomkai Sarees, Tussar sarees etc. Many other states of the country like Manipur, West Bengal also manufacture these silk draping.

These silk sarees are the fame of our Indian handicrafts. The craftsman ship in the process of weaving these sarees is highly remarkable. The processes of weaving a silk saree is really complicated, but still after all the complication the silk saree industry in the country is still booming. Buy sarees online in India. And these are still termed as the classy and elegant female attires in the country.

Perfect Blouse to Compliment Your Most Desired Saree

Andrea JeremiahFor complementing your best desired saree, blouse is something that plays an indispensable role. An irregular blouse may defame the beauty of your most desired attire. So it is very much important for you to have a perfectly fitted and designed blouse to encarve your real beauty. The beauty of your saree is highlighted more by the perfectly stitched blouse. For your best and perfect outfit you must consider the perfect stitching of your blouse as the foremost important task.

Going for a saree is itself a big deal. Selecting a saree for an occasion means you are going for something that is more ethical as well as more modern. You can easily team up your saree with any of the occasion. Yes for sure you have to take care of the design and work on saree according to the occasion. But at a maximum this could be concluded that you can drape it in any occasion. An expert stroke in your blouse can make you the main attraction of the party.

While going for a blouse design you must consider the fabric of your saree well. Don’t do blunder while going for a blouse design. For instance, if you want to wear a deep neck dori blouse you can’t make it up with your cotton saree. Cotton fabric tends to shrink and hence cannot resist the deep neck design. Now days the most popular design of blouse is netted blouse with velvet border. However it totally depends on the fabric of your saree but still it is widely accepted by women all over to compliment their apparel.

Many a times, it has been found that just as to copy someone’s style females do blunders. For example sleek females look good in backless blouse, where as those with flaws will look awkward in the same. While going for a backless blouse make sure it is been supported by dori or a tie up at the end. This would not only give support to your blouse but will also avoid loops in the same. if you are going for a deep neck line then if possible use padded blouse for the same. Padded blouse will make your apparel more fit and comfortable as well.

The latest bollywood trend of draping and carrying a saree has been pretty much modernized. So many divas have been spotted with a netted koti with their backless blouses. The trend of tucking the saree in v shape has attracted a lot of youth towards this fashion trend. Single stripped blouse is also in fashion now days. Dori has replaced the old hook pattern in blouse.

For best saree and complementing blouses you can log on to Elitehandicrafts has a wide range of cotton, georgette and chiffon sarees. Buy sarees online in India. For more ethical and alluring sarees do log in. Attractive offers and great discounts are offered by Elite handicrafts.

Adopt Latest Saree Wearing Technique- Be like a Bollywood Diva


Saree is a must wear among all Indian attires. This long draper is in the wish list of all the pretty ladies. Age is not a hindrance for wearing these perfect attires. Women of all the ages and all the class of the society wear these alluring attires in all the occasions. The elegancy of this attire makes it the fittest for all functions and parties. Sarees can be draped for formal as well as casual wear. Not only is this it the best and comfort attire for homemakers as well.

Many of the bollywood divas have been spotted in pretty and designer sarees in award functions and other bollywood events. Their unique style of draping saree makes it a style statement for their fan following. For example the Saree worn by Vidya Balan on IIFA awards just after her marriage has became a code and theme of many marriage functions. Not only this, young girls love to copy the saree style worn by Deepika Padukone on her movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. These are just few of the examples to quote the trend and love for sarees among the females of all the ages.

Much interesting task could be done with this 5 meter draper. Carrying it in different styles would help you in enhancing or hiding your body. Like for the skinny ladies cotton saree is much preferred as it would enhance their figure more and would help them in looking bulky. For females with little more fat on her body draping saree near your waist length would hide your extra fats so smartly that you will fall in love with these sarees. If you have an alluring figure then doesn’t hesitate in tucking your saree just below your naval area. This would highlight your figure so much that eyes won’t blink from you.

The latest trend in sarees widely accepted by all the pretty ladies in today’s scenario is Lehanga Sarees; Fish cut Sarees, elegant cotton sarees, and silk sarees etc. Blouse is something that cannot be ignored while draping a saree. A perfectly stitched blouse enhances the beauty of the saree more. Halter neck blouse, deep neckline, backless choli, stripped blouse are few of the blouse styles now a days. The most alluring fabric for saree in present fashion trend is netted Georgette fabric. Velvet work at the borders of the sarees is also liked and appreciated by many pretty ladies.

Copying bollywood divas style is a much interesting job. But just make sure that you are going for the right draper for you. It has been found that just as to look like your favorite movie star you do blunder in the party. So being sensible while selecting the best saree for you is the only good advice for encarving your real beauty. Colors do play a vital role. Do make sure that for semi functions or other small get together don’t go for heavy sarees. Similarly wearing cotton saree in marriage functions is not a wise idea.

Next time, while copying your bollywood diva style don’t hesitate in giving it a thought that whether this apparel would match up with you and your body or not. Don’t blindly go for something that would not match up with you. Knowing which apparel would go with what function is indeed a good idea. Buy sarees online in India. So be intelligent next time when you go online shopping in India for buying your most desired draping.